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2014-09-06 by zink, tagged as arm, linux, opensource

Working on the OpenSubnotebook. Currently creating the interface for the display.

Moving Server

2014-09-06 by zink, tagged as gentoo, linux, server

I am currently moving my server from a Debian based Xen virtual machine to a virtual machine with dedicated CPU, RAM and harddisc. Gentoo is already installed, HTTPS is working, but there's still a lot to be done. Sometimes in the next few weeks everything will be up and running.

The system has the following dedicated hardware:

4* Intel XEON cores
18 GiB RAM
500 GiB HDD
50MBit guaranteed bandwidth (500MBit peak)

OpenHardware Laptop

2014-07-05 by zink, tagged as arm, linux, opensource

I've overthrown the selected EOMA68 cpu module for my laptop and I am currently designing something completely own/new.
The new system will be completely modular, which means that any part of the hardware (except for the body) will be exchangeable. I will plan the whole system and put anything under some Creative Commons license.

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Gentoo on Wandboard DL

2013-10-14 by zink, tagged as arm, linux


I recently bought me a Wandboard Dual for developement purposes.
As I'm using Gentoo on every machine I own, it was clear for me that this system will also run Gentoo.

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Creating fake Audio DVDs

2013-09-23 by zink, tagged as audio, linux

I tried to create DVDs containing only audio. After fiddling around with dvda-author I realized that my DVD player isn't able to play DVD-A.
Playing around with graphical tools for DVD authoring was disappointing for me. Most of them simply weren't able to create videos containing highres audio (448kBit/s) and lowres video (320kBit/s)
As media I'm using MiniDVDs, which are great in size (form factor).


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New desktop layout

2013-09-01 by zink, tagged as linux, nvidia, xorg

I've modfied my screen setup for a better programming comfort:


As I'm using Nvidia GPUs which only support Xinerama but no XRandR, it was a bit tricky to get it running. I've investigated a bit and got the center display to rotate.

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