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OpenHardware EOMA68 Laptop

2014-05-30 by zink
I'm currently developing an OpenHardware laptop which is based on the EOMA68 CPU module. I will publish information on this laptop in the next few days.
Here are some short specs:
Stay tuned for more information.

Gentoo on Wandboard DL

2013-10-14 by zink, tagged as arm, linux


I recently bought me a Wandboard Dual for developement purposes.
As I'm using Gentoo on every machine I own, it was clear for me that this system will also run Gentoo.

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Creating fake Audio DVDs

2013-09-23 by zink, tagged as audio, linux

I tried to create DVDs containing only audio. After fiddling around with dvda-author I realized that my DVD player isn't able to play DVD-A.
Playing around with graphical tools for DVD authoring was disappointing for me. Most of them simply weren't able to create videos containing highres audio (448kBit/s) and lowres video (320kBit/s)
As media I'm using MiniDVDs, which are great in size (form factor).


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My new toy

2013-09-14 by zink, tagged as reallife, writing

My new toy has finaly arrived:


It's a tiny (Really!) fountain pen, which I really like. I've already owned some Kaweco Sports before, but they are to thick for my hand. This pen has roughly the diameter of a Stabilo Fineliner!
One image for comparison:


I really love this pen! It's just the right size and due to the "heavy duty" material (Aluminium) it's the perfect pen for your trousers' pocket!

Learning cursive

2013-09-14 by zink, tagged as reallife, writing

Today I've started training myself to write in cursive.


In Germany it's normal to learn cursive in the 1st and 2nd class at school but after the 4th class you're allowed to write in whatever style you want to. My writing has got bad since then. Now I'm the only one who can read my writing.
That's why I've started training.


Working on an open source USB stack

2013-09-05 by zink, tagged as opensource, pic18f, usb


I have just started working on an open source USB stack for PIC18F devices from Microchip. I will work with the XC8 compiler as the old C18 is being phased out.
The features to implement will be HID and CDC. I'm not sure if I will implement anything else, as these are the needed parts for most hobbyists.

New desktop layout

2013-09-01 by zink, tagged as linux, nvidia, xorg

I've modfied my screen setup for a better programming comfort:


As I'm using Nvidia GPUs which only support Xinerama but no XRandR, it was a bit tricky to get it running. I've investigated a bit and got the center display to rotate.

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