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New desktop layout

2013-09-01 by zink, tagged as linux, nvidia, xorg

I've modfied my screen setup for a better programming comfort:


As I'm using Nvidia GPUs which only support Xinerama but no XRandR, it was a bit tricky to get it running. I've investigated a bit and got the center display to rotate.

If you want to config such a set up, you need to modify the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. It's pretty straight-forward. You will only need to change the screen sections:

Section "Screen"
  Identifier    "Screen 1"
  Device        "Device 1"
  Monitor       "Monitor 1"
  DefaultDepth  24
  Option        "Stereo" "0"
  Option        "metamodes" "DFP-1: 1680x1050 +0+0 { Rotation = left }"
  SubSection    "Display"
    Depth       24
Please note the { Rotation = left } which also accepts "right" and "inverted". After you've changed that, please make sure, you also adapt the server layout to your new display settings:
Section "ServerLayout"
  Identifier  "Layout0"
  Screen  0   "Screen0" 0     0
  Screen  1   "Screen1" 1680  0
  Screen  2   "Screen2" 2730  0
  InputDevice "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
  InputDevice "Mouse0"    "CorePointer"
  Option      "Xinerama"  "1"
Note the x position of Screen2, which adapts to the real position (0+1680+1050=2730) due to the rotation of Screen1. This is important because otherwise you wouldn't be able to move the mouse to Screen2.